Coffee Volcanic (plunger) 250g

Since 2008, the roaster at Volcanic Coffee hums daily with the swish of roasted beans and fresh coffee aromas. We're a small coffee company with some big and not so big customers. We love what we do and being part of New Zealand's growing international reputation for roasting and serving fantastic coffee. Kiwis are smart and know what tastes good.


Volcanic Coffee is a premium coffee using AA arabica beans roasted to a medium dark profile. Coffee in it's green state is very stable but once roasted, it starts oxidising almost immediately. That gorgeous smell, is the flavour being released. That's why at the supermarket, you'll see coffee bagged in foil with one way valves - all in an attempt to keep the coffee from losing flavour too quickly. We say, buy little and often from your local roaster to keep it fresh and tasting at its best.