Elle's Keto Meal Box (with recipes)

Are you wanting to follow a Ketogenic diet(lifestyle) but unsure of what foods you are allowed and how to cook them? It is very easy to start off with a hiss and a roar only to find a few weeks later you have reverted back to the same old diet heavy in carbs and the weight and health issues are back more than ever.

To help you stay on track The Keto Meal Box provides dinners for 5 nights with fresh ingredients and simple recipes to follow so you can achieve your health goals over the long term. To keep things easily maintainable the recipes are on a 4 week rotational cycle so that you are not overwhelmed with an ever changing array of things to figure out. New recipes will be included as the seasons change.. BBQ Keto, the best thing since sliced cheese!

Unlike other meal boxes we do not add little sachets of flavouring as this adds to the cost (and waste). It is much more economical for you to have your own sauces and oils at home in bulk and also allows you to change the flavour of your meal should you wish. We do supply all necessary ingredients as far as spices, sauces and dairy products however and you can purchase these from the site as either a subscription or a one-off to suit your needs. 

    The Keto Choice Booklet

    To help you understand how Ketogenic eating works and exactly how it will transform your body we have created a small booklet that is included in your first meal box. There is much to read on the subject but this is a short 'go to' that you can keep on hand and refer back to -it might also serve as inspiration to stick with it!


    We have based our portion sizes on the recommended ketogenic balance between protein, fat and carbohydrate (very very little carbs). It is not recommended to eat meat every night of the week and so we have opted for 4 servings of meat and one without (with the exception of eggs and sometimes tuna) per five nights.

    Remember to maintain a high fat intake so you are feeling satiated; nuts (macadamia, almond, walnuts) are the perfect snack, fat bombs will help with this as well as making sure to get as many oils like olive, coconut and MCT into your diet by way of salad dressings and bullet proof coffees. It will take a week or two to adjust to your new way of eating so be prepared!

    Here is a list (Keto Ingredients PDF) of all the items you will need over the 4 week cycle, you can purchase all of these items through our store and most likely you will have most of them already. Search under 'Keto' in the App side panel to be sure anything you are looking at is suitable for ketogenic eating.


    All Keto Meal subscription boxes are delivered to you on Monday (Taupo) or Tuesday (North Island). 

    For subscriptions there is no contract which ties you in so you can pause or cancel any time by going to 'manage my subscription'. Meat is packaged with ice to keep cool.