Keto Kickstarter Meal Box (with recipes)

Are you wanting to follow a Ketogenic diet(lifestyle) but unsure of what foods you are allowed and how to cook them? It is very easy to start off with a hiss and a roar only to find a few weeks later you have reverted back to the same old diet heavy in carbs and the weight and health issues are back more than ever.

To help you stay on track for those crucial first month The Keto Kickstarter Meal Box provides dinners for 5 nights with fresh ingredients and simple recipes to follow so you can achieve your health goals over the long term.

Unlike other meal boxes we do not add little sachets of flavouring as this adds to the cost (and waste). It is much more economical for you to have your own sauces and oils at home in bulk and also allows you to change the flavour of your meal should you wish. If you want to have everything at your fingertips from the get go you can purchase the 'Keto Pantry Pack' which includes all of the items used during the 4 week recipe cycle.

All recipes include dairy and you have the option of either providing your own or having it included in the box.


    We have based our portion sizes on the recommended ketogenic balance between protein, fat and carbohydrate (very very little carbs). It is not recommended to eat meat every night of the week and so we have opted for 4 servings of meat and one without per five nights to feed two people.


    All Keto Meal subscription boxes are delivered to you on Tuesday.(Monday in Taupo and Wednesday for further to reach places). Please note we do not deliver rural as it takes too long

    For subscriptions there is no contract and you can pause or cancel any time by going to 'manage my subscription'.