Do you deliver to me?

Please see our delivery map here if you live outside of these delivery routes please let us know and we may be able to arrange a pickup meeting place. We currently do not deliver to Reporoa.

I did not receive an item

Please just let us know and we will refund it straight away. We are not able to drive out and drop off your item separately sorry because of time constraints on our delivery system.

Can I pick up my order

Yes you can just select 'Pickup' in the shipping options and it will be ready the day after you order it from 12pm - 1pm

Do you have X product?

All of our available products are on the website, we update the inventory every afternoon so check back later if something says sold out. If it is not on there we currently do not have it in stock.

Can I add items after I have placed my order?

Sorry this is not possible because of how the inventory system works, you would have to place a separate order.

Can you give us a time of delivery? 

We cannot give you an exact time of delivery sorry as it depends on how many orders we have, what day it is and where the orders are located. Most orders will be done between 3-6pm. If you have not received your order after 6pm please let us know

I Cannot proceed with my order after items added to cart

Make sure that you have signed up by clicking the login button at the top right, and then click 'sign up' then you will be able to place an order with us.