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Farm for Lake Local from your own back yard and receive store credit to spend on anything at Lake Local including meat, dairy, eggs and fresh produce. Build connections by contributing to a community supplied produce market and help pave the way for a new system where neighbors help thy neighbors!

How it works

You might be a bit of a gun lettuce grower with some spare back yard, a massive grape vine you can’t keep up with or pots of coriander that end up going to seed before you can finish them off. Gather your excess lemons, feijoas, plums, grapefruit, spinach, spring onion or anything you can't comsume and we'll put it out there for other locals to purchase in a perfect closed-loop local ecosystem. You might even want to scale up a bit and go full Urban farmer!

Simply get in touch to make sure we can sell your produce and then bring it in during opening hours. We can also collect it from you but we won't be able to pick it sorry (we'll find some kids who want to earn some pocket money lol) It's that easy!

Come in and talk to us to find out more or email:

Urban Farming

Urban farming is a new-old craze, perfect for a crazy world where cauliflowers are hitting $15 in the supermarkets! It is the art of turning a lawn into an income producing asset, feeding the family and connecting with other locals around something fundamental to all of us.. food.
We don't need massive monocrop intensive farming with all of the costs, sprays and regulations around them, we can do it right here in our own neighborhood!

Lake local

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